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Mark Kemp is a Financial Advisor living in Corpus Christi, Texas, who – outside of his professional career – loves spending time with one of his favorite hobbies, cars.

Mark has been obsessed with automobiles ever since he was a kid, collecting and playing with matchbox cars in his youth. As he got older, he got involved in racing BMX bikes, another hobby that led him to motocross racing and finally to racing cars. 

Mark started participating in parking lot autocross races with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) in high school and college and then moved up to time trials with the Porsche Club of America (PCA). Mark earned his racing licenses with the SCCA in 1997 and PCA in 1999. Initially, he only raced in events held on the runways and tarmac of Cabiness Field Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi until it was closed in 2001. Mark continued his racing to compete in PCA racing at Texas World Speedway in College Station, Texas, in 1999.

In less than a year, Mark was invited to join Gateway Racing to drive in one to two endurance racing events per year, which he enjoyed for three seasons. In 2003, Mark was asked to coach and co-drive by Richard Bowman, a high-performance driving student who had become a close friend, and who wanted to enter PCA racing.

Mark and Richard enjoyed several great years of racing four to five PCA events coast to coast each year. Thanks to Richard’s friendship and generosity, Mark has had the privilege of racing at: Road America, Daytona, Sebring, Mid Ohio, and Watkins Glenn, Road Atlanta, Texas Motor Speedway, Hallett Motor Speedway, Motorsport Ranch Cresson, Motorsport Ranch Houston, Thunderhill Motor Speedway Northern California, Miller Motorsports Park Utah.

In 2012, Mark purchased a 2003 Porshe 911 Cup Car, which is a factory-built race car to participate in PCA’s National Cup Car Challenge Series. 2013 – 2014 Mark won third in PCA’s National Race series in his class. His winning was done by accruing points by competing in only eight events over four weekends when some of his competitors raced 12 – 20 events. PCA counts the points in a scoring of the best of eight races.  

In 2015, Mark ran five weekends, racing in 10 events, which earned him second place nationally in the GTC class. In 2016, Mark and Kimberly’s daughters were graduating from college both with high honors, so Mark hung up his racing suit in order to gift their daughters each a car. Since then, Mark has continued to instruct high-performance driving at PCA and The Driver’s Edge events. In 2020, Mark will take up the invitation to drive endurance racing events with Fifth Gear Motorsports Racing team out of Lewisville, Texas.

What Mark loves most about racing, aside from the competitiveness, is the quality of friendships and relationships developed amongst competitors.

Outside of racing, Mark Kemp also loves the chance to restore old cars to their former glory. Collector cars are something that, in Mark’s experience, span all socioeconomic barriers and transcend background. Growing up, many people Mark knows have a story about their dad or brother or cousin who had one of those old muscle cars that were the envy of all of the neighborhood kids. Now, whenever he has a chance, Mark loves spending time with friends and working on cars. 

He got started refurbishing in 2012 when one of his best friends, Mike, decided to restore an old family car built in 1959 that he’d had sitting in a garage for decades. For two years, the two spent most of their weekends restoring the vehicle, primarily doing rust repair, and now they’ve continued their passion by finding new cars to restore on an ongoing basis. Mark has also since opened his love for automotive work to the community. He rented a shop where people can convene, and – on any given Sunday after Bible Study – you’ll find four or five men in the garage working on their various projects. It’s a place of camaraderie and solace for many of the people in the Corpus Christi community. 

For Mark, restoration sparks excitement. There’s a particular joy in taking something old, ugly, and rusty and restoring it to its former beauty. Mark especially likes working on older, collector cars – built back before everything became computer-controlled – where the craftsmanship of the car is something he can personally work on and understand. 

Also, in his personal time, Mark Kemp loves serving his community of Corpus Christi. Growing up the son of a Colonel in Marines and a jet pilot, Mark was taught early the value of service and helping others. Now, he and his family spend time in service to others, particularly through their congregation at Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship. 

Professionally, Mark Kemp is a Registered Investment Advisor with the state of Texas and a Registered Representative of McNally Financial out of San Antonio, Texas. As a Financial Advisor, Mark distinguishes himself through his compassion and personal investment in the relationships he builds with his clients, having worked with some for more than two decades. He also takes his financial knowledge into his community, offering financial advice and mentorship to other members of his men’s ministries and his community. 

Learn more about Mark Kemp and his knowledge about cars and racing by visiting his blog page — don’t forget to check back often for the latest!

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