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Formula 1 is one of the world’s famous motor car sports. The thrill of the engines revving and the speed gets everyone worldwide glued to their screens. Now imagine watching a movie that has been created based on Formula 1. We have listed for you the best six movies that get based on Formula 1, and here they are:


1. Grand Prix 1966


It is a perfect fictional movie of Grand Prix racing. The film is full of action and love stories. There has been criticism of the movie; on the other hand, the racing scenes made the director John Frankenheimer get recognition, and the movie is one of his best production. The movie was partially filmed when F1 race weekends were going on.


2. McLaren


Bruce McLaren’s life story gets narrated in the film. Their film also incorporates interviews with people who knew him. The unique part of the film is how it covers the loyalty and dedication that McLaren had. The inspiration that he had for all those that worked with him has been covered in the film. The film shows how McLaren started his life humble beginnings in New Zealand to the epitome of motorsports.


3. Life on the Limit


This film covers the life of Lewis Hamilton and John Surtees. The film is about the dangers of motorsports, with a journey on how motorsports have evolved over the years.


4. Rush


Rush is a recreation of the 1976 F1 season. The film perfectly covers the intense competition between Nikki Luda and James Hunt.


5. Williams


The film is about the history of the Williams family, covering the footage from archives. The film shows how Frank Williams found the team and handed it to his daughter Claire.


6. Weekend Of A Champion


The 1971 movie is about Stewart’s Monaco Grand Prix weekend. The film features Sir Jackie Stewart and his close friend Roman Polanski. The documentary ensures that all the fans feel what the grand Prix drivers go through during a racing weekend. The film shows how the weekend is full of serious times and as well as times of fun.


Final thought


The above films are a perfect way to ensure that you get the best feeling of how Formula 1 is tasking both physically and mentally. The movies cover every aspect of the F1.