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Renting a car, a set of jewelry or even a suit for prominent events is not a totally unprecedented idea. People have been opting to rent, rather than buy, items that convey a certain degree of class or elegance for quite a while now. This is good news for the classic car lovers among us because this means we can drive all the old, beautiful classics that were out of our price range without committing to actually buying them! Here are some “must rent” classics.


The Corvette C1


The Chevy Corvette has been an icon of Americana since its inception in 1953. The Corvette C1 simply exudes all the flair and style of the 1950s through its mere presence. The C1 also comes in a convertible should you desire to feel the wind in your hair as you drive down the roads of nostalgia.


The Porsche 911


A classic if ever there was one, the 911 has become a veritable fixture in the luxury and sports car communities. A perennial classic, this two-seater feels like something out of a James Bond film, regardless of what particular vintage. The Porsche 911 is simply a splendid mix of style, substance, and perhaps most important of all, speed.


The Aston Martin DB5


Maybe James Bond was brought up a touch too soon because here we have a genuine Bond car. Shown in the hit movie, Goldfinger, the DB5 has become a hit with would-be secret agents and hobbyists alike. The sleek design and general gravitas emanating from the DB5 will make even the blandest among us feel like James Bond.


However, the original vehicle from the film was stolen, though it is thought to be held by a private car collector.


The Ford Mustang


The Ford Mustang has a style all its own. This sporty convertible will have your heart pumping nostalgia and adrenaline in no time. Its commanding presence calls to mind images of open freeways in the American West—or perhaps that was just the accelerator.




Renting a classic car for a weekend getaway or even just for a weekend “tour” is absolutely a viable option for those of us who aren’t members of exotic classic car clubs. For relatively cheap in comparison, you can rent one of these classic hotrods and relive the glory days of yesteryear.