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Tesla is an incredibly valuable company and its cars are often thought of as being at the peak of automobile technology. With anything new tends to come a sense of discomfort, though, and Tesla’s vehicles certainly aren’t immune to those feelings. If you’re looking into these cars, it is always a good idea to figure out exactly how safe these automobiles are compared to others on the road.

The best way to determine the safety of Tesla vehicles is to start by separating myth from fact. There are plenty of myths that have been spread by those who don’t quite understand how electrical vehicles work or who have specific problems with Tesla, and they’re all false. A Tesla isn’t more likely to catch on fire than other cars, nor is your Tesla going to suddenly go into Autopilot and start running over pedestrians. The truth, as is typical, tends to be much more mundane.

The truth is that Tesla does perform incredibly well across all safety metrics. Both the Model S and the Model X have gotten very high marks from various safety associations, with a few minor points deducted for the quality of their headlights and a few other minor issues. In fact, Tesla models tend to be rated higher than other cars in their product category, making them good fits for safety-minded drivers.

Autopilot tends to be the biggest worry for many, but most accidents that have happened due to this feature have happened because of user error. The fatal crashes involving this mode have occurred because users haven’t understood that Tesla’s aren’t truly autonomous and they have engaged these modes in places where doing so simply isn’t a good idea. Though Autopilot does continue to get upgraded, there’s little one can do to upgrade the drivers of the vehicles.

Teslas are very safe cars that perform well and don’t really have any unusual tendencies. Though they might not deliver on the promises of autonomy quite yet, they’re still vehicles that have brought the long-simmering dream of consumer-grade electric vehicles onto the highway. While the cars are far from perfect, drivers should feel more than comfortable with the idea of driving them. If you’re looking at safety above all else, these cars might be a good fit for your needs.