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Throughout traditional American history, cars have been both a desirable and a common necessity since the Benz Patent Motor Car and Ford’s combustible rise to the affordable everyday consumer’s choice. Now, in every corner of the country, cars take the nation by storm in restoration pageants that show off the beauty and strength that got American rolling in the first place. Enthusiasts around the nation make the trek to several popular annual vintage car shows in order to replenish their zest for the automobiles that became the very pinnacle of American society.


When it comes to car shows, only a select handful are considered the apex spectacle that millions swarm to see. The Iola Classic Car Show is at the top of this list and is one of the longest-running automobile events in history. Held in Iola, Wisconsin, hosted by countless volunteers, this 308-acre event sports over 8,000 vintage vehicles ranging from show cars to cars for sale, usually on an auction-based platform. 2021 will mark Iola’s 49th annual classic car show, welcoming guests with the timeless slogan, “Come home to Iola.”


With a run-time of around 35 years, the Charlotte Auto Fair, held in North Carolina, proves a marvelous sight to behold. This auto show attracts nationwide and international attention for its true-to-manufacturer restoration presentation. This is one of the only places to host a large-scale market for nearly every automobile component ever made and averages around 150,000 annual attendees.


The Syracuse Nationals hosted in central New York City draws around 90,000 annual guests, exhibits over 8,000 vintage vehicles, and racks up a whopping $75,000 on average to charities such as the Alzheimer’s Association. One of the large draws of this show is that owners pride themselves on the “as-is” presentation of their automobiles as opposed to post-restoration showcases.

Other fan-favorite shows include the Back to the 50’s Weekend, Crusin’ the Coast, Hot August Nights, The Hershey Classic Car Show, and Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance, which is a full black-tie event and shows off some of the most expensive and classic foreign cars in the world. All are amazing events and should be considered a must on any bucket list adventure.