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With the popularity of Tesla cars rising, you might be thinking about purchasing one for yourself. However, it might be a bit difficult for you to decide what model you want to purchase.


Fortunately, the features and capabilities of each model differ enough that you can get a good idea of what Tesla model is good for each person. Take a look into what Tesla model you should purchase.


Model 3


Right now, the Model 3 is the most popular car model that Tesla currently produces. The reason for this is that Model 3 is the cheapest model that Tesla offers. Right now, you can purchase the car starting at only $35,000.


However, the Model 3 does allow you to upgrade to performance or long-range version of the car, costing you a couple more thousands of dollars. It’s strongly recommended that people go for a Model 3 if they want the cheapest car that Tesla currently produces.


Model S


Sometimes, users want a bit more performance out of their sedans. The Model S is built for those looking for the most performance they can get out of an electric car, sparing no expense. Right now, the Model S ranges from $75,000 to $116,000.


If you’re concerned about the price, you’ll be happy that the Model S is a faster car with more storage space than the Model 3. The only significant downside to the Model S is that the battery range doesn’t differ much from the MOdel 3. In all, the Model S is worth it if you’re looking for the most performance you can get out of an electric car.


Model X


If you want to take your entire family on a road trip, the Model 3 or Model S isn’t going to do it. Luckily, you can purchase the Model X if you want more seating than Tesla’s sedans.


With the Model X, you’re given two rows of seats with the option of getting a third installed. The car also features a sleek crossover design, allowing your car to look similar enough to an SUV while not taking as much space. Overall, the Model X is worth it if you’re looking for more space in a Tesla model.